Chezcore, Inc. was awarded the project at the William Beaumont Hospital, Troy Campus to replace the defective thru-wall flashings and restore the supporting steel. The work, that included the entire Old West Addition, incorporated just less than 3,000 lineal feet of thru-wall flashing detail to be repaired. Working on the outside walls of patient rooms, over 25,000 brick units were removed to expose the defective flashing and steel condition. The existing flashing was removed to expose the support steel which was mechanically cleaned. A rust inhibitor coating was applied to the steel and a two part rubber membrane/stainless steel thru-wall flashing system was fabricated and installed. 25,000 new brick units were then laid back into their prepared openings and over 6,400 lineal feet of caulking was installed to seal the joints. The finished product was a sound, restored wall condition with a functional thru-wall flashing system.

The project was performed from swing stage scaffolds suspended five stories above the various roof levels completed over 2½ seasons. There was minimal disruption to patient’s throughout the duration of the project which was a testament to the coordination between Chezcore, Inc. and William Beaumont Hospital personnel. The project was completed within the budget and on schedule, much to the Owner’s satisfaction.

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