Chezcore, Inc. was awarded the project to restore the exterior facade of a prominent Wayne State University high-rise.

This building, know as The Maccabees Building, is an Albert Kahn design built in 1927.

Moisture infiltration is blamed for the extensive rusting of the original steel anchoring and support system. Due to pressure from the rusting steel, many of the veneer stones had spalled, cracked, and heaved. Some anchors had completely rusted through, loosing their structural integrity, leaving many veneer stones pushed out from the back-up walls, creating an eminent danger.

Over 1000 stones were removed to expose the deteriorated anchor system.

The rusted steel support system was removed, sandblasted clean, and two coats of epoxy rust inhibitor paint were applied. If the support steel had lost its structural integrity, it was replaced with new. New stainless steel anchors were used to secure the stones.

The original stone units were reset. Some new stones were required and were fabricated, matching the original size and dimension.

Miscellaneous tuck pointing, caulking, flashing, and stone Dutchman repairs were also performed. The project was completed on time and within budget, much to the owner’s satisfaction.

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