Chezcore, Inc. and People's Community Church have had a long standing working relationship due to the many aspects of the construction required by the church. Years of deterioration and limited maintenance, caused moisture infiltration into the buildings interior. It was found that the mortar between the stone units had completely washed away in many areas, allowing a direct path for water to enter the building.

The defective wall area was accessed and 100% of the mortar was mechanically removed. The prepared mortar joints were tuck pointed back with the proper mortar mixture matching the original color and texture. Defective stone units were removed and replaced with newly fabricated units, sized and hand "rock faced" to match the original look and profile.

To understand the true conditions of the balance of the exterior facade, a "hands on" exterior facade inspection was also performed on the church building. Defective areas were identified and a complete narrative report was produced, including photographs of typical conditions found along with repair recommendations that provided cost estimates. This information was critical as the church plans for the long-term restoration of their structure.


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