Chezcore, Inc. was the selected contractor to perform a design/build project that included; engineering services to investigate, evaluate, design, document, administer and perform full restoration of the Wayne County Building’s main Tower.

The 1902 structure has functioned as the center of Wayne County's government since its inception. The four story Tower, that handsomely accents the building, is constructed mainly of sandstone. Enhancing the Tower are bronze sculptures representing Law, Commerce, Agriculture and Mechanics, as well as a carved stone relief of “Mad” Anthony Wayne.

Because of the difficulty in accessing the Towers exterior, it had fallen into series disrepair over the years. The pressure from the rusting support steel had caused fractures and dislodging of various stone units throughout. That, along with the loss of the integrity of some of the structural steel, provided a challenging task for restoration.

The 7th level steel edge beams in the center of the Tower required full replacement. The surrounding stone units were shored and 30 foot long sections of 20 inch high steel I-Beams were removed and replaced with new beams. Over 30 tons of original steel was replaced with new steel. Many of the existing stone units were reused and/or repaired and re-set. Over 70 new stone units were fabricated, matching original details.

All bronze sculptures on the Tower, as well as the Quadrigaes that flank the Tower, were completely restored. The use of a 200 ton crane assisted in the heavy lifting, which was a much different approach from when the Tower was originally built.

The tile at the Towers dome was completely re-clad with new, in-kind pieces. Newly designed look-out points were fabricated and installed allowing for a much easier access to the Towers exterior facade in order to perform future routine maintenance, which is critical to ensure the longevity of the structure.

The project was completed following the proposed schedule, within budget and to the satisfaction of all.

Wayne County Tower Resoration - Chezcore
Wayne County Tower Resoration - Sketch - Chezcore
What the steel looked like before and after
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Wayne County Restoration
Mouse over above to see completed stone repair
Wayne County Tower Resoration - Sketch - Chezcore

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