Chezcore was the accepted low bidder to perform a Chiller Plant Upgrade project at the Sinai-Grace Hospital complex. This unique, bonded project called for the relocation of two "slightly used" chillers from a former Detroit Medical Center site for installation at the Sinai-Grace site.

The challenge was to retrofit an existing space within the hospitals powerhouse to accommodate the relocated units, along with the fabrication and installation of two new cooling towers on the roof of the powerhouse building.

The design called for the relocation of the existing carpenter shop within the building, selective demolition, fabrication and installation of an elaborate steel framing system to support the cooling towers. Work also included the construction of a new electrical service room to house the electronics, the mechanical requirements to "retrofit" the chiller equipment, as well as all of the required finishes.

As is the case with a project such as this, unknowns can surface. Chezcore Inc., working closely with the architect and the owner's representatives, met all of the project challenges and today the chillers are a functional part of the hospitals HVAC system.


"Re-used" chillers installed

New cooling towers

Electrical support equipment

New pump system

Relocated carpenter shop


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