Chezcore, Inc. has the experience necessary to perform thorough exterior facade inspections. Using the proper equipment, Chezcore, Inc. can access any building and perform an up close inspection. A thorough "hands on" inspection allows them to assess the true conditions of the buildings exterior skin. In some cases, pieces of the facade are removed to expose the steel structure to determine its integrity.

Typical conditions are photographed and documented. After the physical inspection is completed, a written report is developed describing the conditions found. Repair recommendations and related cost estimates are also provided. From these documents budgets can be developed and work phases proposed.

Due to the nature of restoration work and the many unknowns that can be discovered during any project, Chezcore, Inc. can also perform a "Test Drop" approach to assessing a buildings' exterior condition. That is to access a section of wall (approximately forty foot wide, capstone to grade) and perform all of the necessary restoration work required within the "Test Drop" wall area. The "Test Drop" repairs can be performed for a fixed, not to exceed cost. This is based on the conditions found and the true work scope as performed. A detailed repair recommendation with related costs for the balance of the buildings exterior is provided.

With this approach, the owner has a true assessment of the typical deteriorated conditions present throughout, as well as unknowns exposed. Because work is actually performed, a true understanding of the repair extent is known and a section of the wall area is completed. Chezcore, Inc. is registered and certified with the City of Detroit, to perform city required exterior building facade inspections, per the Detroit Facade Ordinance Code, for buildings five stories or higher which is required every five years.

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